An interesting and unusual modern designs in Pearl Jewellery

Published: 07th April 2011
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It can be very confusing today to see many different types of pearls pearl jewelry of different designs of both traditional and modern, and it can be a minefield to discriminate different types of pearls in new colors and shapes.

Only a few years ago, almost the only choice was an essential salt-water pearls, and these came in white, pale gold, silver or gray / black Tahitian, and always round, but what most people think of when they think of pearls. These pearls have been shaped or round and rough shape, known as the Baroque.

There are two main reasons for the pearl jewelry in the market today the choice is much more interesting and unusual than ever before.

One reason is the color, natural and dyed. Over the past two decades, China started to produce freshwater pearls from the new large species of mollusks. This is a complete replacement of the original small freshwater shellfish, which are used in the manufacture of low-species uneven seed pearls in creamy white, neutral. This new molluscs can produce pearls not only in white and cream, but also peaches, golden peach, pink hue all hues right through the spectrum of deep lavender quite naturally without intervention.

It is well known, we now have access to many exciting paint colors than in the past and take the pearl colors very well. Some modern paint colors can be truly stunning and sophisticated, elegant silver grays, deep chocolate browns and rich cranberry. There are also colors that are mostly due to very low-cost gems like candy pink and pastel shades - but a wide selection of colors out there.

The second reason for the recent boom in the more modern, exciting and unusual pearl jewelry designs are different forms of the freshwater pearls come with saltwater pearls are available. Some forms are naturally produced in which the Baroque and Keisha (not smooth, organic shapes) and some are produced artificially by inserting a small disc shaped like a shellfish production in the form of coins or any other form. And because the freshwater pearl producing molluscs near round, oval, or say "rice" is a form that can be very high quality (eg, Class AA and above) pretty much undermines the very affordable price level.

Today, modern pearl jewelry designs sit alongside the traditional design. Most of the craftsmen jewelers are not directly compete with big business letters (but they usually offer a twist on traditional design). Craftsmen generally offer more limited editions and lower ranges of more modern types of pearl jewelry.

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